Assessing a child's danger and if a report should be made

W.A.T.C.H. Child Assessment Tool

This form is an online tool to help you gather key components before making an official child abuse report. Please refer to our WATCH Assessment Tool Training for more details if needed. Please note that most states require mandated reporters to file a report for any concerns. This tool does NOT make a report for you. This tool is to help you assess the current risk level and to gather pertinent information in one place so you can make an effective report with your local authorities.

To Find Your State Reporting Phone Number:
  1. Go to:
  2. Find Your State
  3. Complete this Form (copy will be emailed to you)
  4. Call 800 Number Listed to Make Your Report
  5. Refer to this Form During You Call and Forward to the Acting Investigator Assigned


Please respond to each assessment step below to the best of your ability. One answer per column is needed to determine if the child is at-risk or in-danger.




This is based on your answers not meeting a minimum of 2 at-risk or 1 in-danger responses above.

List here the child’s specified “safe adults”. Do not automatically add names to this list. Only list the names of adults that the child says “makes them feel safe”.

Include Name, Relation/Connection & Contact Number

Please complete the answers below to the best of your ability. The bottom of this form will have a notes section to provide additional information.

What is the child’s current condition? What happened? What was said? What was seen? What was found? What evidence is available? What signs are present? What is the concern? 💡Pro Tip: Provide FACTS not suspensions or opinions.
When did it happen? When did you become aware? When have you seen the child? When will you see the child next?💡Pro Tip: Save key dates to your cell phone calendar for quick reference.
Who is the child? Who cares or lives with the child? Other children involved? Who is suspected of harming the child? Who has access? Who can corroborate? 💡Pro Tip: Refrain from making any derogatory remarks about any person involved.
Where does the child live? Where does the child go to school? Where have you interacted with the child? Where is the child now? 💡Pro Tip: Provide addresses when available. Also info about any relatives or close friends.
What information doesn’t seem to make sense? What are your concerns?

Often this is due to a child moving or a change in custody, etc.
Please check all types of evidence you have available to submit to authorities when making an official report. These items are NOT required to make a report.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please provide pertinent details only and be as brief as possible while providing useful information.