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This adverse experiences (ACES) guide was created in collaboration with frontline professionals and experts to guide individuals in identifying childhood, adulthood, or secondary trauma.

Assessing adverse childhood experiences and more

What’s Included?

The assessment tests in this guide can provide helpful insight into the severity of trauma an individual may have experienced

expanded adverse childhood experiences questions

Includes childhood trauma factors like foster care that were not in the original ACEs test.

signs of being impacted by secondary trauma

Often resulting from direct or indirect exposure to a victim’s trauma, addiction, or mental health.

adverse adult experiences questions

The negative impacts of trauma don’t stop after childhood. This includes adult events that create trauma.

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Together, We Can Advocate for Victims & Engage in Trauma-Informed Approaches

Learn and gain the tools needed to assess trauma, have trauma-informed approaches, and advocate for victims. This adverse experiences guide was curated from thousands of hours of collaboration with professionals and experts. To provide you with applicable tools to understand the severity of trauma.