Because They’re Worth it!

Empower The Fight is a grassroots anti-exploitation organization that focuses on the prevention and early intervention of all forms of child exploitation through collaborative solutions, awareness, and training.

How We Protect Children

We Collaborate, Mobilize, & Empower

Our mission to empower adults to prevent and stop child exploitation is accomplished through our three core service programs that collaborate, bring awareness and training of America’s citizens to be on the frontlines of defense for children.

Collaborate Solutions

Through our Frontline Collaboration & Research Program we collaborate nationally with experts and frontline professionals on identifying service gaps, analyzing conditions, and best evidence-based practices, to derive immediate and tangible solutions. Bringing substantive change through cutting-edge training and content collaboration.

Mobilize Awareness

Through our Unmasking Awareness Program we bring awareness to the mentality and behavior patterns of exploitation so that every citizen can engage to protect their families and communities. Through our proprietary “Safe Adult Model,” every citizen can become engaged and proactive in protecting our children. Together, we can stop child exploitation!

Empower Training

Through our Child-Centered Training Program we empower citizens of all experience levels to learn the needed professional tools, so every child has someone to watch out for them. Empowering effective child-centered advocacy amid complex situations.

Empower The Fight Story

Empower The Fight was founded by a group of experienced Kansas City moms who witnessed first-hand child exploitation in various arenas of their professions and lives. They were concerned about the gaps in services to at-risk and endangered children and were shocked by the public’s lack of knowledge of the scale of the problem. They began to strategize about how to bring solutions and not just awareness of the facts facing America’s children. After three years of research and collaboration, Empower The Fight’s programs were launched to address the most urgent GAP assessed by these frontline professionals, PREVENTION!

Empower The Fight’s approach is unconventional because the need is too big and too urgent to become another child welfare organization that settles within the constraints of our nation’s broken system. Why does the Body of Christ believe that adding Scripture to talking points provided by godless government and agency agendas is being a voice for the voiceless child? Will we be Christ-directed and child-centered in our influence, or remain an echo for those who politicize and profit from this human destruction? At Empower The Fight, we focus on being a Voice for the voiceless child, not an echo for these government or agency agendas.


Empower Adults to Prevent & Stop Child Exploitation of All Forms!


To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.

Psalms 10.18