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This grooming guide was created in collaboration with frontline professionals and experts to guide individuals of all skill levels in identifying the behavior patterns and methods of perpetrators and pedophiles.

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Identifying grooming and perpetrator behavior patterns and methods.

What’s Included?

The key points in this Grooming Guide can provide helpful insight into early detection of perpetrator behavior. Thereby creating safeguards to protect children and individuals through prevention, early intervention, and rescue.

consistent types of behavior patterns of perpetrators.

The most deceptive perpetrator can be discovered by looking closely at their behavior patterns.

stages of the grooming phases & processes.

Grooming creates manipulative games and conflict that result in isolation & coercion.

false assumptions & perceptions of perpetrators

Perpetrators are highly effective at creating smoke screens to control public perception.

“I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies.”

Winston Churchill

Together, We Can Stop Perpetrators from Grooming & Harming Others

Learn and gain the tools needed to protect your family and community! The Grooming Guide was curated from thousands of hours of collaboration with professionals and experts. To provide you with the most diverse and practical action items to protect children & individuals.

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