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The primary objective of this report is to provide child exploitation statistics in America. We hope this awareness will start an imperative discussion that’s needed about the sobering realities facing our nation’s children. It is time for the unmasking of child exploitation in the United States and new strategic action to safeguard our children.

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Statistics of child abuse, neglect, sex trafficking, foster care and exploitation

What’s Included?

This Open Eye Report of exploitation statistics confirms that we now have an epidemic facing our children in the United States that is too big for government models to solve. It is time for new solutions!

U.S. households are estimated to have an exploited child

All types of exploitation are connected, and childhood victims often experience multiple forms.

of top social issues stem from a history of child exploitation

Failing to protect our society’s children creates the reactive destruction of our communities

adults in America report being sexually abused as a child

The severe abuse of children is more common than most Americans realize.

“We the People Protect Kids is more than a phrase; it is a battle cry for action! We can, and we will be the catalyst for change!”

Katie Fetzer

Exploitation Statistics Prove that Citizen Action is Needed to Stop Child Exploitation in America!

As this exploitation statistics report will confirm, the epidemic of child exploitation in the United States is now too big for government models to solve. It is time for new solutions! It requires a remnant of “We the American People” to be the solution! Empower the Fight is here to empower adults to prevent and stop all forms of child exploitation within the United States!

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