Terms & Conditions of Participation Policy

By signing below, I/we do hereby request services from the Organization/event/service/program by Empower the Fight, Inc. (“Empower the Fight”).  I/we agree that my participation in the services and programs of the organization (“Organization”) is not a guarantee of receipt of any goods, services, monies, passes, or benefits. I/we understand that services and resources available are limited. Empower the Fight is a small startup-organization with limited resources. I understand that specified individuals who have been sponsored by donors will receive priority. I understand that any benefits, products, resources, or services that I/we receive in this Organization are not for resale or contribution.  I/we agree I/we will NOT resell or re-gift any such items and such benefits are for the sole intended participate who originated their services with the Organization.

I understand and agree with each of the following:

  1. My enrollment/participation in the Organization is voluntary.
  2. Empower the Fight and its volunteers or employees will communicate and interact with me in the following ways:
    1. To obtain and retain information concerning my participation in the Organization.
    2. To receive updates, emails, and other communication regarding the Organization.
    3. To send me emails, newsletters, text messages, or any other forms of communication.
  3. Empower the Fight is not a state-contracted agency, and there are no guarantees to those who participate.
  4. I have no legal obligation to give to this organization to receive benefits for my family or other participants.
  5. I have no legal right to receive money from Empower the Fight itself, or other participants.
  6. If I share or promote this Organization to others, I am not guaranteed to receive any benefits as a result.
  7. Even if I request services by Empower the Fight, I am not guaranteed to receive them and only as Empower the Fight has sufficient resources
  8. Services are accepted and rejected in accordance with Empower the Fight’s policies and procedures for this Organization and otherwise.
  9. Empower the Fight is not approved or endorsed by any agency in my state.
  10. I understand that donors give money to Empower the Fight for many reasons.  If I misuse services or programs that I receive for any purpose other than for stated purposes that it would:
    1. Be fraud and abuse this Organization and of the trust of donor and my fellow participants; and
    2. Render me ineligible for any future benefits, Organizations, or services from Empower the Fight

I understand and agree to the above statements and to the Empower the Fight Privacy Policy.

Effective Date: October 24, 2020.