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AAE: Adverse Adulthood Experiences Test

The Adverse Adulthood Experiences Test (AAE) is a test inspired by the nationally recognized Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs) on the long-term impacts of childhood trauma. The AAE is similarly designed to measure adverse experiences within adulthood. Also, a history of adverse childhood experiences can compound and escalate adverse adult experiences.

Cumulative trauma can affect the health and vitality of adults. According to “A Descriptive Epidemiology of Lifetime Trauma and the Physical Health Status of Older Adults,” traumas experienced in adulthood cause more damage to a senior citizen’s health. Traumas are distinguished from other types of stressful life events by their seriousness. Like experiencing a serious or life-threatening illness, witnessing a violent crime, or being in combat.


Adverse Adult Experiences Test

What About Ages 18-25?

  • They are more neurologically damaging because frontal lobe development is completed at an estimated age of 25. 
  • We highly encourage adverse experiences within this age bracket to be carefully considered and handled. To not base responses on legal age but developmental age. 
  • Let’s remember that the politicians who determined the legal age of an adult were not neuroscientists. 
  • Evidence-based neuroscience confirms that 18 is NOT the cognitive/emotional age of “adulthood.”

How is Adverse Childhood Trauma Measured?

In conclusion, the AEE score allows us to peer into the challenges adults are experiencing due to trauma. Similarly, taking the ACEs test as an adult is beneficial. Whether the trauma was started in childhood or adulthood these resources provide us an ability to gauge our levels of trauma and get help as a result.

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