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What is Child Sex Abuse (CSA)?

child exploitation and child sex abuse prevention and intervention

Child Sex abuse (CSA) is any form of sexual act or content with an adult or an older child. It can involve both physical contact and non-contact abuse. Children are not forced into the sexual situation but instead persuaded, bribed, tricked, or coerced. They might not understand that it’s wrong or that what’s happening is abuse (especially initially). And they might be afraid to tell someone. Sexual abuse is a type of child exploitation and can happen anywhere or at any age. Furthermore, nearly 90% of sexual abuse to children occurs from someone they know!

The Scale of the CSA Problem

America has nearly 60 million survivors of child sexual abuse according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That’s approximately 20% of our population. This shocking statistic does not include the 2/3rds of victims who never disclose at all. Many experts believe we could have as many as 180 million survivors of child sex abuse, this is more than the number of people who voted in the 2020 presidential election!!!! The problem is huge and this is why prevention is the answer!!!!

Child sex abuse (CSA) statistics, including clergy sex abuse, education sex abuse, trafficking, coach sex abuse, stranger sex abuse, and incest.

Non-Contact Abuse

  • Showing child pornography or looking at someone’s private areas.
  • Forcing a child to watch the sexual acts or abuse of another
  • Forcing a child to make, view, or share sexual acts or child abuse images or videos
  • Forcing a child to participate in sexual activities, sexual groups, or conversations
  • Making them masturbate
  • Have them talk about sexual content

Physical Contact Abuse

  • Sexual touching of any part of a child’s body, whether they’re clothed or not
  • Forcing a child to take part in any form of sexual activities
  • Making a child undress in front of others
  • Have the child touch themselves or someone else
  • Using a body part or object to rape or penetrate a child
  • Threaten a child with physical harm or death if they do not comply

66% of Sexual Abusers Have no Criminal Record

66% of convicted sexual abusers have no criminal records. Many Americans falsely believe that we do not have an issue with unsafe children in America. The ignorance results from surface-level promises that our government agencies will take care of it while not realizing that the vast majority don’t get help! As concerned citizens, we can no longer believe that “there is an agency for that.” The overwhelming majority of America’s exploited children have been overlooked and forgotten for decades. Until now…


Exploitation is a mentality that treats people like an object, removing their humanity and justifying their harm.
Exploitation is not a single act; it is a mentality that repeatedly uses others for gain.
All types of exploitation are connected, and often victims experience multiple forms: sexual, physical, emotional, etc
Exploit /ˈɛkˌsploɪt/ (noun) – is “to use (someone or something) in a way that helps you unfairly”.

How to Prevent Exploitation and Sex Abuse

Through our interactive training, Watchful Eye, we simplify how to prevent and identify child exploitation. No matter your skill level, you can learn to recognize behavior patterns and subtle indicators through this life-saving training.

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