Train the Trainer Day for Those Desiring to be an Empower the Fight Community Trainer or Facilitator

Child safety, anti-exploitation, human trafficking and abuse prevention training certification

This training Turned My Pain into a Passionate Purpose!

“As a survivor of childhood trauma, I have always wanted to give back and help others, especially children. I was so excited when I attended Empower’s training and learned about their emphasis on prevention and early intervention! The idea of helping safe adults protect and prevent harm to children was it! I knew I had to become a trainer!

Empower the Trainer certification training is required to become an ETF course facilitator or trainer. Was curated to teach applicable skills to effectively facilitate an Empower the Fight training courses with trauma-informed approaches.

We teach the concepts and application of instructor-style communication skills, creating a safe-centered environment, stewardship of survivors’ stories, and how to bring hope to complex and emotional topics.

This training empowers those with lived experiences as professionals and survivors to use their experiences to train their community in how to prevent, intervene, and rescue children from all forms of exploitation. This course is only available to those who desire to become a certified ETF trainer and includes background screenings, application, and an extensive onboarding process.

What to Expect:

  • How to engage class participants & co-train with others
  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses as a trainer & apply
  • How to tell your stories concisely
  • Increased confidence to de-escalate and deal with conflict
  • And much more!

Topics Include:

  • Power of Passion
  • Telling Stories Effectively
  • Finding Power Words
  • Power of Questions
  • Time Management Tips
  • Reading Body Language
  • Calming & De-Escalation Techniques
  • Trainer Pathways

The Rotten Tree of Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is a rotten tree growing rotten fruit, producing some of our most debilitating social and human issues. We often address the bad fruit, but the corrupt tree continues growing. We are going after the tree!

  • We have a prevention-focused mission that includes all types of exploitation
  • We are focused on addressing exploitation (tree) rather than specific outcomes (fruit)
  • We teach citizens the Safe Adult Model for practical ways to uproot this rotten tree
social impact and effects of child exploitation and abuse
Empowering safeguarding skills through evidence-based training.

Host a Class in Your Home, Group, or Church

Giving professional level skills to members of the community to increase the number of safe communities & families.