the pillars of a community are we the people

The Community Pillars are We the People!

Community mobilization has been at the heart of Empower The Fight from the very beginning. Starting from an actual dream, our Founder, Katie Fetzer, had in 2010.

A City Upheld by the People

In this dream, she saw the “foundation” of the Kansas City metro area sitting on the top of a pyramid. The city began to tip aggressively to one side. As she saw this, she screamed out in prayer, “No, Lord! Don’t let the city fall!” Then she heard a voice respond, “I will send my servants to be the pillars of the city!” Immediately she saw the entire foundation of the city surrounded by its people, its citizens. Each person put the foundation of the city on their left shoulder, and then with their right hand, they put a megaphone to their mouth. They began to declare with a loud voice, “The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever! The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever! The Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!” (Psalms 107:1)

Then she heard the voice say, “Look and see WHO my pillars are!” As she looked around the city, the people who were the pillars were not people of position, power, or politics. The people chosen to be the pillars of the city were everyday people doing extraordinary things. It was the people of the city! This dream is the foundation of Empower The Fight’s mission to help mobilize communities of believers that declares His goodness to the broken, the hurting, and the vulnerable.

Join the Movement to PREVENT child Exploitation!

There is always a starting point for every great movement—a place where you become aware of a need and decide to be the solution.  Join the mass movement of adults around the nation who are gaining the knowledge & skills needed to protect children!

Volunteering with Empower The Fight does so much more than you could imagine! When you volunteer your time and efforts, you start a string of positive events from when you decide to help out until long after you have finished—making you the most intricate part of “the Strategy.” Many volunteers also find community and comradery around our shared passions to protect kids! We always need all types of volunteers of all ages and skill levels. Also, several times a year, we provide events that allow families to volunteer together and get their kids involved in giving back! Every single volunteer makes a difference! Don’t underestimate your impact and the difference you make in a child’s life. We couldn’t do it without you, nor would we want to!

A practical solution

Power of ONE Safe adult

In review of thousands of victim’s gripping stories, several common key points emerged:

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