Types & Forms of Exploitation


Exploitation is a mentality that treats people like an object, removing their humanity and justifying their harm.
Exploitation is not a single act; it is a mentality that repeatedly uses others for gain.
All types of exploitation are connected, and often victims experience multiple forms: sexual, physical, emotional, etc
Exploit /ˈɛkˌsploɪt/ (noun) – is “to use (someone or something) in a way that helps you unfairly”.

The Mentality that Enables Abuse

There is a lot of confusion about what exploitation is. Many common words like “abuse” and the sobering reality of what they mean have lost weight in our modern society. Therefore, as an organization, we focus on “exploitation” because the word encompasses the mentality and actions that cause severe harm. Understanding the definition of exploitation is crucial because it creates a baseline of unacceptable behavior. Exploitation is a mentality that objectifies human beings, and that allows pedophiles and perpetrators to justify their abusive and harmful actions. Any type, form, or severity of exploitation is wrong and needs to be rooted out of our society as acceptable. Justifying exploitative attitudes or behavior, even in minor situations, produces fertile ground for other, more severe forms of harm in the future.

One of the greatest mission fields in crisis is located within our backyards. Children are being exploited, abused, neglected, abandoned, and forgotten. They’re in our neighborhoods, churches, schools, and perhaps our families. Child exploitation is all around us, hiding in plain sight!

Types of Exploitation

It is easy to assume that certain types of abuse are more severe than others. However, studies have proven that all types of abuse respond similarly in the brain and cause significant harm. There are 3 primary types or categories of exploitation.

Forms of Exploitation

There are many forms of abuse and they are all connected. Rarely, do we see only one form of abuse being used against a victim. The more we understand these “connections” the more we can make strides towards effective preventative actions. Here are some of the most common forms of abuse.

Psychological Abuse

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse


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In a review of thousands of victim’s gripping stories, a common point emerged:

ONE Caring Adult Was Present & would have acted IF they had known how!