U.S. Trafficking Survivor Responds to the Sound of Freedom Movie #godschildrennotforsale

Another Perspective to the Sound of Freedom Movie

There is a lot of “buzz” about the recently released movie Sound of Freedom. Those of us who have lived and worked on the frontlines of child exploitation and sex trafficking are encouraged to see a discussion being started. However, what we call the “mountain of misinformation” is now massively huge. Now more than ever, Americans are misinformed and being distracted from the “real problem” facing our nation’s children. Here are a few thoughts from one of Kansas City’s very own frontline warriors, Allison Phillips, with her thoughts about the movie:

Child Sex Trafficking in America Doesn’t Look Like the Movie

Allison stated, “The type of trafficking portrayed in the film does happen, but it’s largely not what we see. It seemingly and purposefully avoids a lot of the things about human trafficking that make us uncomfortable. Things like:

  • About 10% of the adult male population in this country are sex buyers. This is what sets all of this in motion. These men live next door to you, work with you, and go to church with you and are probably in your friend circle. They’re teachers, doctors, lawyers, government officials, pastors and even police.
  • We need to confront the EPIDEMIC of child sexual abuse in our country and how that is a vulnerability and precursor for sex trafficking victimization
  • It’s not kidnapping most of the time. It’s grooming and psychological manipulation and brainwashing.
  • We also need to talk about how government officials are apathetic, inept and also corrupt. In my experience in Missouri, I saw good programs that were making a difference get intentionally torn down to cover up for police and state senators that were sex buyers.
  • I know that almost half of the nonprofits out there fighting trafficking are complete shams. I know of a hospital that won’t screen for trafficking of children anymore because their is no money in it for them. Even the National Human Trafficking Hotline is a scam. I could go on and on and on.”

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