What is Child Exploitation and abuse?
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America’s Children Need Safety & Action

Child exploitation’s connections to our most significant social issues are shocking. As a result, the root cause are found in decades of ignored child exploitation. It’s mind-blowing!

Victimized Children Need Safety.

One of the most significant mission fields in crisis is in our backyards. If in doubt, look no further than your community. Wherever you find substance abuse, mental health, homelessness, and crime, you will find that nearly 80% of those involved suffered severe child abuse and neglect. Therefore, it’s time for the American people to know that the top social issues that affect their communities, lives, and children. Rooted in decades of ignored child exploitation by both sides of the aisle in government. However, ignoring or minimizing this crisis only enables the reactive destruction of our communities to continue.  

Victimized Children Need a Voice Everywhere.

The NEED for advocates in ALL spheres where children are known to be at-risk or harmed is now desperate! As human trafficking, drug trafficking, and crime are at all-time highs. So are the exploitation of children within the United States. The fundamental basics of child-centered advocacy are helpful in any setting or situation. Consequently, our voice of professional advocacy can make an impact amid these broken systems.

Hidden Realities Need Light

It is time to bring the HIDDEN epidemic of child exploitation in our country to the light of day. Therefore, it’s time for the American people to know. The top societal challenges affecting their communities and lives are rooted in decades of ignored child exploitation.

The Rotten Tree of Child Exploitation

Child exploitation is a rotten tree growing rotten fruit, producing some of our most debilitating social and human issues. We often address the bad fruit, but the corrupt tree continues growing. We are going after the tree!

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