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Letter to Foster Parents & Frontline Workers

It’s Foster Care Awareness Month, and we want to recognize you! Those of you on the frontlines serving victimized children in all hours of the day and night. It can easily seem like you are overlooked or forgotten. You serve children amid complex realities. It can appear that your efforts and heart often go unnoticed and unappreciated…they do not! We want to say hats off to every one of you that has said yes to the service of God’s precious children.

Foster families are the cog in the wheel that makes foster care work!

Foster Parents

You make up less than 0.25% of the adult population of the U.S.! You are rare and have willingly signed up to serve children selflessly. Foster families are the cog in the wheel that make foster care work. Without you, none of it would happen! Because you have taken on a remarkable feat, from traditional placements to medical placements, kinship, respite, and more.

You said yes to the opportunity to serve our future leaders that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks of social services. And, have ensured that at least one generation will find hope. You stepped up and stepped in to take an active hand in supporting, loving, and standing in the gap for a child who otherwise may not have had a voice to advocate for themselves. So, what you have done and continue to do matters!

Child Welfare Workers

You daily invest countless hours and emotional currency to rescue an innocent child from the clutches of evil. You have seen horrors that no human being should ever have to comprehend. Going beyond your “job duties”. In addition, taking extraordinary measures to ensure children are safe. You carry the stress of being the bridge amid tense situations, high emotions, and complex realities. Your fears, concerns, and worries don’t stop at 5pm. You take it ALL home with you. You wrestle in your mind and hope that you’ve made the best decisions for a child within the constraints you have been given. Yet, we know your work is not easy, but it is very needed, and it matters!

All frontline families & workers

You have endured. You have battled the injustice of a broken system for the sake of a defenseless child, seemingly to no avail. And spent countless hours with appointments for a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health worthy of a healthy life. Likewise, you have spent many sleepless nights caring for a frightened child or praying wholeheartedly for their safety. You feel helpless and confined by human limitations and broken policies, wondering if it will ever make a difference. To every tear you’ve cried, to every pain you’ve felt…we see you, we recognize you, and you are appreciated!!! What you do matters, and it does make a difference!!!

“Every tear you’ve cried, every pain you’ve felt…we see you, we recognize you, and you are appreciated!”

This month, we set aside to recognize and honor those who honor the voiceless child by giving their time, strength, and love. Your work, your fight, and your love are not in vain. Keep advocating! Keep standing! And fighting the good fight!!!

Come and join us at our upcoming Spring Mingle Community Picnic. It will be a laid-back time to build relationships and have fun around great food and activities for the kids. This is a time for us ALL to come together with a shared passion for protecting our community’s children! We would love to see you there!

Impact the life of a Traumatized child

Give a heartfelt gift this holiday season so a traumatized child can create new memories and experiences.

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