We the People Protect Kids Prevention Strategy

I am humbled as I reflect on each person’s choice to support Empower The Fight’s mission to protect kids. Deep gratitude floods my heart and I feel so honored that so many have joined us in our calling to help protect children. I am writing to make public that Empower The Fight is expanding its reach beyond foster parents. This expansion, involves bringing awareness, training, and advocacy coaching services to any adult desiring to protect children.

Last May, at our first annual gala, so many people came up to me afterward stating, “this is so much bigger than foster care.” My response was, “I know…I just don’t know what that looks like right now.” Though our understanding in the moment was limited, there was a seed planted in our hearts. A year later, Empower The Fight is making a real impact. We launched two big and successful community outreach events – Summer of Love and First Wish Christmas Drive – which resulted in touching the lives of over 2,200 at-risk and endangered children.

The hope for America’s children is found in “We the People” taking action to prevent and respond to exploitation.

While we remain committed to our core task of training and coaching foster parents in advocacy. We now understand that the need goes beyond this to other persons involved in the lives of our nation’s children. It is abundantly clear that foster children are not the only ones at risk and need well-equipped adult support. The lack of preventative and advocacy training across the board is staggering. Further, federal reports confirm that only 3% of 8 million reported children receive protective care! This data makes it abundantly clear, hope for America’s children isn’t found within the constraints of the foster care system or any other government program. We the People are the hope for America’s children. Together we can take action to prevent and respond to exploitation.

Our New Emphasis on Prevention

I have often consoled adults who were victims of abuse or witnessed it inflicted on a child. The common thread among their stories is that there was a caring adult present that did not recognize the risks or vulnerabilities of the child. Most adults are unaware of how to recognize the signs of abuse or perpetrators’ manipulative and grooming behaviors. These stories and many more like them were preventable, that’s the sobering reality. Seeing this gap, Empower The Fight began developing our new preventative action training program, “Watchful Eye.” It is a 28-minute online and interactive training identifying some of the most crucial techniques to protect children.

After many months of prayer, research, and counsel, we felt challenged by the Lord with a question. “What would it take for every child in America to have a caring adult watch over them?” Surprisingly, the answer is not as large as you think. We will begin to unfold this strategy in the coming months. All of which are building up to our 2nd Annual gala event, “Unmasking Child Exploitation Masquerade Ball“. Held at the Museum at Prairie Fire in Overland Park, KS on Saturday evening, October 15th, 2022. Be sure to save the date as you will not want to miss it!

Thank you all for your continued support as we continue this humbling and important work together!

How to Prevent Exploitation and Sex Abuse

Through our interactive training, Watchful Eye, we simplify how to prevent and identify child exploitation. No matter your skill level, you can learn to recognize behavior patterns and subtle indicators through this life-saving training.

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